Tuesday, 1 October 2013

one night in Bangkok...

The plane landing is a little less than perfect, I don't mind at this point, I'm shattered. Thankfully the rest of the procedure through the airport is relatively straightforward, bar a couple of misdirections and the chap with my name board at a different exit than I came out of, nothing to worry about.

The journey to the hostel is quiet and non eventful. My eyes close a couple of times but I force them to open again. few words are exchanged between the driver and I. You can see there is money here. It's in the movie like billboards, the sky scrapers, the cars. You can see there is a lack of money here too, it's in the people gathering at the sides of the roads, the unfinished buildings and the other vehicles clogging the roads.

The hostel is clean, basic but it has aircon and the shared wash room and showers are kept to an impeccable standard. I have a shower then wander out to try and find a bite to eat. There are plenty of street stalls but I just look for something basic, which i eventually find in a 7-11, although the sandwiches are very sweet to western tastes the cashew nuts taste like cashew nuts and the black bottle which bears all the colours of Coke Zero tastes like Coke Zero,

It's probably Coke Zero.

I wander back to the hostel through the dimly lit streets and head back to the nice cool room, put a little music on my tablet and drift off to sleep, stirring occasionally at the thought of a mosquito having his own late night snack my leg.

There isn't one..


  1. Nice one James... Keep it going. Love the way you've suddenly turned in to a present tense (as in sounding slightly stressed) literary genius. Are you sporting a smoking jacket and cravat on your travels old bean. How long before you move on?