Wednesday, 2 October 2013

1st October - first morning in Bangkok.

I regained consciousness at around 9.30 am, I didn't notice what time I fell asleep the night before so information is useless for trying to work out how much sleep i had grabbed, I just know it didn't feel enough.

My initial plan today was to head off to try to sort out a visa for Vietnam but nearly an hour later and I was still trying to get it together. I hadn't seen my blood glucose testing kit since the flight from Dubai and this feeling combined with the tiredness was leading my mind down the route of doubting whether I was doing the right thing. Had I left the bloody thing on board? Can I get a new machine that takes the same strips as the machine I had lost? In an act of desperation I shook my mini backpack that I had used on the Plane journey so all it's contents spilled onto the bed, including the missing testing kit. So not lost it this time, but am I cut out for this? For only the the second act of desperation in 3 sentences I sent an email to STA, whom I had organised my flights with and explained how I was feeling and wondering if there was any tours I could jump onto to get me away from here and get me moving. At that time I was ready to give up on the whole thing.

 With that in mind I decided that the visa idea wasn't worth going ahead with. I could always come back to South East Asia  another time and see Vietnam.

The chap on reception pointed out on my map where the nearest shopping centre was located so i headed off to see if there was any travel shops that could get me away from here for a bit.

Shopping centre doesn't really do what i came across justice. It was ludicrous. Whole floors dedicated to eating / beauty / name anything. Lambourghini showroom sat next to H&M with a RollS Royce sat in a foyer along from an ice skating rink. It was also cool, a welcome respite from the wall of heat and humidity that existed outside.

I hadn't eaten properly since i had arrived and was feeling a little queasy. I went for the safe option to give myself a chance. Ronald McDonald statues over here are really creepy.

There's a smell in Bangkok, it's sweet, sickly and takes your breath away when it wafts by. I haven't pegged what it is yet, but it's not uncommon. It gets everywhere. In your clothes, your hair and in your nostrils. In a Boots store I found my favourite FCUK was and body spray and bought it in the hope it would make me feel better when scrubbing down when I returned to the Hostel. It had the desired affect. I was in the shower for around 20 minutes just washing, and washing and washing.

Checking my e-mails later i had received a welcome answer to my e-mail I sent to STA earlier with a few suitable tours that the young lady there had found which I may be able to get on. A couple of quick phone calls later it looks like I may have been booked onto a tour which should take me out of Thailand, through Cambodia then into Vietnam. Amazing Result.

So tomorrow I get up, have another long shower then go hunting the lesser spotted Vietnam visa.



  1. Definitely the right choice to get on some trips James. Nobody can be expected to arrive alone in a new place, without any plans and having never done anything like that before and just fit right in. I did a trip at the start of arrival in each new country I visited and I met people, saw things I'd never have seen and it was a great help in getting comfortable with the country. Hang in there. x

  2. You are there, you are on your journey - of course you are cut out for it. You just need to enjoy it and remember, lady lumps below the waist...BAD!

  3. Haha Richard's advice sounds very wise...

  4. Sounds awful. I said you should have gone somewhere less exotic. You could be having a great time at Barry Island... :-)