Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bangkok day 3 - still no feedback from Palin, but I guess he's busy

Last night I woke with low sugars, its not a nice feeling and it took about an hour, several glucose tablets and half a tub of cheap imitation Pringles before it was safe to sleep again. The climate is causing havoc and I need to gain control of it quickly or. Else I will have no option but to abandon the S.S South East Asia and all that sail in her. This isn't my intention, but sometimes reality bites and I have to acknowledge that.

Then again, occasionally I bite back so let's not write it off yet.

The latest I could leave the hostel was 12, I ran it damn close. I'm pretty sure my bag has shrunk in the heat as the same stuff I had checked in with no longer fitted. I jettisoned a few of the small items I had picked up for the flight in to make room and finally I was ready to roll.I had several days clothing I had failed to get cleaned and dried properly so that made up the bulk of the contents of my smaller 10 litre bag that piggy backed off the larger one just in case someone else wanted to steal my bag and do my laundry for me.

I was due at the embassy at 4 to collect my visa so decided to spend the time wandering up through the cooler malls stopping on the way for food and drinks. After the sugar low the previous night I decided that I had better try to get my food and liquid intake up to try and avoid the same thing happening again. I also needed some alternative footwear as these trainers were starting to feel a little uncomfortable.

Upon leaving one of the malls a smartly dressed man approached me and told me I was a strong man, a great man and he could this see by the 3 strong lines on my forehead. I wondered if he thought I was Gorden Ramsey.

He also told me I had 2 weaknesses and for 2 baht he would tell me everything. I didn't pay him, I already knew what they were. Bad eyesight and forgetfulness.

I had left my glasses in the shoe shop.

I walked the rest of the way to the embassy, picked up my visa then embarked on finding a taxi to get me to the next hostel I was staying in. I ended up in a tuktuk.

The thing weaved quickly through the traffic and the accompanying breeze was welcomed. The traffic in Bangkok is busy, there are taxis in the form of cars, tuktuks and on the back of motorcycles which weave through the traffic with buttered like ease. It should be chaos but it isn't, it works because no one gets angry or frustrated defending their lanes, someone undertakes, overtakes, whatever, the traffic carries on regardless.

I arrive at the new hostel and the staff are very welcoming. The lady said that the staff from the other hostel had phoned though that I was coming and that I was a nice a polite man. I told them that maybe someone else was due.

The rooms in this hostel are 8 bed rather than 4 but are nicer for it. The whole place has a lovely communal feel and I was welcomed into the dorm by a warm couple who were busy planning their onward travel. Downstairs the lobby has more in keeping with a well run hotel than most peoples preconceived idea of what a hostel looks like. there is also has a laundry room here so as I write this my other clothes are currently being thoroughly  cleansed

I've never been so happy to see a laundry room in all my life.

I have booked here for 2 nights whilst I decide whether to dip out to a beach for a week before my tour begins next Sunday, or remain here to explore Bangkok more thoroughly, I feel I haven't done so yet.


  1. Beach - it'd be rude not to :O)

  2. Keep your pecker up Jimmer. It's bound to take a week or two to settle down and to realise that you the World's your oyster for a while and you can do whatever you want at what ever pace you want to do it. That having been said, our 3 bedroom hostel is here ready and waiting when you need it and if you do need to cut tracks out of Asia, we've 2 very excited kids waiting for you. I've ordered half a cow for early Dec but no idea which half will get dropped off. Also the farmer offered me some sweet breads.. not really my cup of tea but I hear you're enjoying the sugary bread over there. I'll have some waiting in the freezer for you old boy. That's all from Auckland for now. Give me a yell if you need anything.