Tuesday, 15 October 2013

cambodia group meet - 13.10.2013

I woke fairly early snd shifted all my stuff quietly from the dorm into the laundry room, it was here that i decided which of my items were to be culled. Trainers, t-shirts, shorts and bodywash were selected and those, along with a book I had left on the bookshelf in the hostel allowed room in my bag for the new items I had picked up over the last few days.

With bag saddled I left lubD in Silom for the final time and walked the short distance to the pier and hopped on the ferry boat to get near to the hotel where i would be joining the tour to Cambodia. Ten minutes walking after disembarking the appropriate ferry point and I had completed the 5 minute walk to the hotel, only getting lost the once.

The room was basic but comfortable so i went about reorganising some of my stuff and fully charging a few of my electrical items. It wasn't long before my room mate for the trip arrived, 6ft 4 strapping Austrailian Bart. At 3" taller than me when vertical, I hoped that as long as I followed him I hoped I'd get a few days respite from banging my head on everything. He said hello and I said hello back. with the introductions over it wasn't long before we were sat in the bar opposite having a bit of local food and a couple of local drinks. Thai whskey and diet coke for Bart, a large draft lager for me.

it seems that "long" might be Thai for "jug".

After that things were only heading in the one direction.

We met with the rest of the group in the hotel foyer, the guide introduced himself as Ronnie and ran over the itinerary for the next few days, before we all then headed out to get food and drink in the Khao San Road area, the place at night is just alive wth bright neon signs where street traders and drinkers mingle without the slightest hint of unpleasantness.

Its like the UK but without any of the aggrevation, better food and of course, a touch warmer.

After food a couple of the group decided to be sensible and go back to the hotel ready for the early start in the morning. I obviously wasn't one of those. The rest of us carried on drinking until 2.30. Adele would be trying to wake in just 3 and a half hours, luckily I think I was sound asleep before I hit horizontal.

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