Sunday, 27 September 2015

Scribbles ~ everything starts somewhere - Sunday 27th September 2015

This one starts with a scribble, my barely legible, almost indecipherable felt scrawl on which is jotted a few thoughts on places that could be worth a visit, as I  try to convince myself that it's the right thing to do. I am impatiently awaiting the eye hospital appointment that I am due in just over a week from now, which would tell me whether I require any further operations to my already laser scorched diabetic eyeballs after what has been an undeniably stress filled year. 

I obviously hope that no further treatment* is required, as if that happens the situation may no longer be in my control as far as travelling goes, especially in the near future. I have my fingers and toes crossed of course, but as I've said before on many occasions, that could just be a case of severe cramp. I'm not telling.   

double edge sword really, 
laser treatment aimed to stop new blood vessels forming, has already lead to reduced peripheral visual awareness, reduced ability to see in low light and distorto-vision (not yet picked up by any any of the major film companies)